Are you looking to hire a maid in Mumbai? Not sure where to start your search?

Living in a city like Mumbai, having a maid servant to help with your housework is an absolute necessity. But with increasing demand, finding a reliable maid has also become increasingly difficult.

Since we rely on the internet for finding a solution to all our problems these days, why not use it for finding a maid, too?

With maid servant agencies like, finding a maid is now very easy and convenient.

If you’re unsure about hiring a maid from an online agency, here are 5 things that will change your mind.

1. Get a maid servant you can trust

The most difficult part about finding a maid is finding someone you can trust. You’re letting them into your house and your lives. You just cannot compromise on safety. 

When hiring a maid through an agency, you can rest assured that the maid you hire can easily be trusted. At KamWaliBais, we conduct through background checks and police verification before hiring a maid. With us, trust and security is never an issue. 

2. Find exactly what you’re looking for

The problem with finding a maid the traditional way is that they have their own terms and conditions. It’s difficult to find one maid who fits exactly what you’re looking for.

When hiring a maid through an agency, you let them know your requirements beforehand. And they’ll help you find a maid that fits it perfectly. And when both - you and the maid servant - know exactly what’s expected of them, there will be no tantrums or extra charges later on.

3. Save yourself the trouble of finding and shortlisting a good maid

If you’ve ever gone maid-hunting in your neighbourhood, you’ll know exactly how long and tedious this process is. Plus you don’t even know if the maid you’re talking to is available for work and at the time you want.

If you approach an agency to do this for you, all you have to do is send your request. They’ll do the rest. And get back to you with the best options.

That saves so much time and trouble, doesn’t it?

maid hire agency in mumbai

4. Save money

Unless you have excellent negotiating skills, you will almost always end up paying more. If a maid knows that you’re keen on hiring one, it’s not uncommon for them to demand more money. But that doesn’t happen when you assign the task of finding a suitable maid for you to an agency. You get the best possible service at the best possible price. Win-win, right?

5. Find a maid quickly

Lastly, hiring a maid servant through an agency speeds up the process for you. You don’t have to wait around for weeks or months to find the perfect maid. Since the agency already has contacts of maids available for work in your locality, you can find one easily and quickly.


If you’re looking to find a maid, send your request on NOW. And find a trusted and reliable maid at the best price, easily.

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